Guideline for Promoter Registration & Login

1. Guideline for Promoter Registration

All promoters shall have to make one time registration. To register follow the steps:

Step-1: Provide all the information asked for in the format specified in the registration form. (All the information asked are mandatory.)

Step-2: Create your own user ID. (Please note user id must be alpha-numeric comprising at least one alphabet in uppercase, one in lowercase, one digit. The length of user ID shall not be less than 5 characters.)

Step-3: Create your own password. (Please note password must be minimum 8 characters long comprising at least one alphabet in upper case, one in lower case, one digit and one special character.)

Step-4: Click on “Register” button and wait for few seconds.

Step-5: On successful registration, message will be displayed as “You have successfully registered.” (Please remember your user id and password to login and register your project.)

2. Guidelines for Promoter Login

All the registered promoters shall have to login for filling online project registration application form. For login follow the steps below:

Step-1: Open the ORERA website link i.e Scroll down and click on “Do you want to register your project” button. It will take you to the ORERA project registration system’s home page.

Step-2: Click on “Yes” button. It will take you to the guidelines page of filling online application.

Step-3: Read the guideline very carefully. (Note: The guideline includes all the details for filling online application form.)

Step-4: Click on “Proceed to Login” button. It will take you to the login page.

Step-5: Provide your credentials (user id and password), you will be taken to the “Dashboard” page.

Proceed to Register