Guidelines for Promoters for submitting application on-line

1. Filling up the application form

(Important: Maximum session time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. So complete the form section-wise and the click on “Save & Continue” option. Exit and then log in again. Start completing the form from next section onwards.)

Log in:

Next time you click on the box "Do you want to register your project?", click on the “Log in” option, provide your credentials (user id and password), you will be taken to the “promoter’s details” page.

The first section of the on-line format deals with promoter’s details. The Promoter’s name and its entity will automatically populate in the format. One has toenter information against the column registration number onwards.

Registration Number:

Enter the company registration number/ society registration number/ cooperative society number/ trust deed number/ partnership registration number/ partnership registration deed number, as the case may be.

Up-load document:

Here a Xerox copy of the, registration certificate / registration deed number, as the case may, be shall be authenticated by the promoter and scanned and saved as a PDF file. That PDF file shall be up-loaded.

Registered Address:

The address furnished to the registering authority like Ministry of Corporate Affairs/ A.D.M. of District/Inspector General of Registration etc as the case may be, shall be furnished.

Correspondence Address:

If the address for correspondence is same as the registered address, then tick the box provided under the heading “Same as registered address”. If different, then enter the address for correspondence in the box provided.

The promoter shall have to provide its e-mail, telephone number PAN number in the box provided for the purpose. Thephoto copy of the PAN card duly authenticated by the promoter shall be scanned and save in PDF format. Then up-load the file, by selecting the file in the box provided.

Promoter’s Experience-1:

In this box, promoter has to provide his experience in real estate sector inside the State. The experience should reveal type of projects undertaken in the State, their respective status etc.

Promoter’s Experience-2:

Describe similar experience of the promoter outside the State, if any.

Website link if any:

If the promoter has its own website, the address of the website shall be entered in the box.

Details of Board of Directors/Trustees etc.:

In this section profile data of every director/partners/Managing Committee Members/Trustees, as the case may be, shall be entered in the appropriate boxes one after other. Upload the photo of the Director. After completing profile data entry for first person, click the option “add more members” and enter data of the second person. So on and so forth.

Previous project details:

If the promoter has implemented real estate project earlier, then click bottom Yes, then enter the project details taken up during last 5 years, one after other. After completing project details of one project, click on the option “add more project” to enter the details of next project, soon and so forth. Please remember that the project details for which you are submitting this application shall not be entered here.

Details of the project:

Here one has to furnish the details of the project for which the application is submitted. The 1st box under this section comes under the heading “type of the project”.One has to select one from new or on-going options. If it is an on-going project, the next question comes “have you obtained permission from Authority? You have to select one of the options “Yes” or “no”. If the option is no, then you cannot proceed further. You have to save data entry till that point andthen exit. You have to first make a hard copy application to the Authority for obtaining permission to apply for the registration. After obtaining the order of the Authority, then you will be able to submit application on-line. If permission of Authority is yes, then you will have to up-load PDF copy of the permission granted by the Authority. Then you have to enter amount of penalty imposed. Then only you have to respond to the next question if it is valid “yes” or “no”. The next question “have you made payment of penalty”, “yes” or “no”. If the response is no, then you cannot proceed further. If the response is “yes”, then the promoter is to up-load the scanned copy of the money receipt in support of deposit of penalty. The other heading thereafter is “project name”. You have to enter name of the project, project type, (whether residential/commercial/plotted scheme, you have to select one of the options), project location, district in which the project is located, Tahasil, CD Block and then PIN Code of the site.

Planning Authority:

You have to select one of the options from Development Authorities/Urban Local Body/Special Planning Authority/Panchayat Samiti/Gram Panchayat. You will provide the details of the Planning Authority who have sanctioned the plan.

Land Details of the Project:

Details of each and every plot of land coming in the project area shall have to be entered, one after other. All relevant documents (scanned copies) establishing title of the promoter shall be uploaded. After completing data entry in respect of one plot, click the option Add More to add details of second plot, so on and so forth.

Advocate’s Report:

Legal opinion of an advocate, with 10 or more years of experience, on the title of the Promoter on each and every plot of land coming within project area along with encumbrance if any shall be uploaded.

Conditions of Building Plan Approval:

Enter each and every condition of the building plan listed in the plan approval letter, its scheduled date of compliance and current status.

Layout Plan:

ORERA has prescribed a guideline for preparation of a coloured layout plan. Coloured scanned copy of the said layout plan in PDF format shall be uploaded.

Location MAP:

Project Area shall be depicted on the concerned cadastral map and geo-coordinates of each bend points will be provided in a tabular form in the map itself. Scanned copy of the map so prepared shall be uploaded in PDF format.

Geo-coordinates of Bend Points:

Provide latitude and longitude of each bend point on the project area periphery, in degree, minute and second format.

Milestone of Project Construction:

Some of the milestones of project construction have been listed out here. Please provide scheduled date of completion of each of the milestones. Present progress if any of each milestone may be captured in camera and upload that image.

Unit and Facility Details:

Residential Units:

Here please provide carpet area, balcony area, and terrace area of each unit along with ownership status whether promoter’s share or Land Owner’s Share. Upload share allocation agreement in PDF format.

Garage & Parking Space details

Details of garage or parking space allotted or assigned to each unit will have to be provided here. Each garage/ Parking space will have to be assigned a serial number and clearly displayed at the concerned site.

Facilities to be provided:

Drinking Water Supply:

Please select the appropriate option. If the option is PHED, then upload the letter of consent from the concerned executive engineer in PDF format. If the option is ground water supply, then upload NOC from Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA). In case NOC from CGWA is in the process then upload an affidavit as prescribed, in the PDF format.

Fire Fighting Facility:

Please specify whether firefighting facility is to be installed. If yes then give the details of the arrangements to be provided to meet the challenges of fire accident as stipulated by DG, Fire Services.

Emergency Evacuation Facility:

Please specify provisions made in the project building for emergency evacuation. It may have been stipulated in the fire safety certificate.

Lift Facility:

Please provide no. of lifts to be installed with their technical specifications and brand. No lift without ARD facility shall be installed. Upload the technical specification of the supplied by the company.

Internal Road:

Layout Plan depicts provision of network of internal road within project area. Please provide type (black topped/ concrete/ paved) of each road, its length, width and specification of internal roads.

External Road:

Please describe how the project area is accessible from the Public Road. If the Promoter is providing link road to the Public road, then describe its type, length, width etc.

Community Hall:

If the option is ‘yes’, then describe its size and facilities proposed to be provided.

Swimming Pool:

If the option is ‘yes’, then describe its size.

Plantation Area:

If the option is ‘yes’, mention the stipulation of planning authority in this regard and actual area proposed to be brought under plantation.

Other Amenities:

If any amenity other than above is being proposed, provide its details.

Bank Particulars of the Project:

A separate bank account shall have to be opened by the promoter in the name of the project and its particulars, such as name, branch, address; IFSC, Phone number, mobile number etc have to be provided here.

Particulars of Architect/Construction Engineer/Contractor/Chartered Accountant

Please provide the details of the Architect, Construction Engineer, Contractor, and Chartered Accountant associated with the project as per the format.

Financial Details

Please provide the financial details here and upload a copy of the estimate of the project. (In case of New Project).

Real Estate Agents associated with the project

Please provide the details of the real estate agents engaged by the promoter for marketing of units. Please note that real estate agents not registered with the ORERA cannot be engaged by the promoter.


Here the promoter has to upload authenticated documents in PDF format.

Explanatory Report:

Promoter may provide any other information about the project which has not been provided earlier in the application and/or give an explanation for clarity about any document etc.


Please click on this option and review accuracy of the details furnished in the application. You can edit the entry here.


After the pre-view, if the application has been correctly filled up, click on the option “Finish”. You will find the project application in your home page with status “Make payment”


Click on the ‘make payment’ option. You will be taken to the page showing the amount to be paid. Click on the option ‘proceed’. You will be taken to the payment gateway page. There will be two payment gateways, one of SBI and other of HDFC. Select the payment gateway option and make the payment of the amount using debit card or internet banking as may be convenient to you. After successful payment a money receipt will be generated which can be saved in your computer or its print out can be taken. After successful payment, you will find in your homepage, the listing of your application with status “Final Submission”.

Final Submission:

Click on the “Final Submission” option and your application will be submitted to the authority.

2. Scrutiny, Rectification or Compliances of deficiencies

Scrutiny of the online application comprises of following stages:

  • First Stage Scrutiny
  • Second Stage Scrutiny
  • Final Stage Scrutiny

The application will be scrutinized by the Authority. In case of any deficiency, the promoter will be notified through email. Promoter has to log in again to submit compliances. After logging in, the promoter will view his application with fields requiring rectification highlighted. The promoter shall have to rectify those fields and resubmit his applications. Sometime Authority may ask for additional information or documents and the promoter has to comply with that also.

3. Payment of Registration Fees

Once the application is found complete in all respect, the applicant will be notified to deposit registration fee through online mode after logging in to the system. The promoter has to deposit the required registration fee as notified within a specified time.

4. Web Hosting Fees

Once a registration certificate is issued, the project details along with all documents shall be published in the ORERA portal for public viewing for which the promoter has to deposit web hosting fees. This fee has been fixed at Rs.1000/- for a period of 6 months and Rs.1900/- for a period of one year. The web page of the project will be automatically withdrawn from public viewing after expiry of validity period unless further extended by the promoter with deposit of web hosting fees. Expiry of validity period will be notified to the promoter through SMS one week in advance.

5. Technical Guidelines:

  • Please upload clear scan PDF copy of all the documents. The documents which are uploading in the online but not clearly scanned may lead to objection.
  • A clear passport size photograph of promoter/board member having any image format (jpg, jpeg, pngetc) must be uploaded. Maximum allowed size is 100 Kb.
  • Maximum allowed file size to upload is 100Mb for Building Plan and Layout plan.
  • Maximum allowed file size to upload is 10Mb for all other documents.

6. Checklist of Documents to be uploaded:

A. Documents required for filling online application for Residential/ Commercial/ Mixed Projects:

  • Board of directors/ partner/ trustee/members photo & PAN card copy
  • Company/firm etc registration certificate [As applicable]
  • PAN card
  • GST Registration Certificate (in case of individual or proprietary firm)
  • ORERA Permission Order [In case of ongoing project]
  • Money receipt in support of deposit of penalty (in case of ongoing project)
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • ROR
  • Advocate’s Report [Advocate’s Report on title over the project land.]
  • Power of Attorney if applicable
  • Development agreement if applicable
  • Building plan approval letter.
  • Approved Building Plan Drawing
  • Approved Site Plan Drawing
  • Structural Stability Certificate in prescribed format in case of BDO approved ongoing project.
  • Location Map- project area depicted in the cadastral map with geo-coordinates of all the bend points.
  • NOC from CGWA or Affidavit as prescribed
  • Consent Letter [In case of Electricity Supply]
  • Cancel Cheque
  • Project Status Document [jointly signed by CA/Architect/Construction Engineer in case of Ongoing project]
    Estimate Copy [copy of cost estimated and jointly signed by Architect and Construction Engineer in case of New project]
  • Fire Safety Certificate-Please ensure date of affidavit is mentioned in the document.
  • Affidavit in Form-A as per clause-l of sub-section-2 of section-4 of the Act
  • Allotment letter format
  • Conveyance Deed Format
  • Annual Report [last 3 years or as applicable]
  • IT Return [last 3 years or as applicable]
  • Audit Report [last 3 years or as applicable]
  • Undertaking to adopt Agreement for Sale Format as per Rule-8(1) of ORE (R & D) Rule-2017
  • Images [Site Development, Roof Casting, Ground Floor/Stilt Floor, Brick Work & Plastering, Electrical Works, Concealed Cabling including Plugs & switches, Installation & Charging of Transformer, Connection to Flats/Apartments, PH works, etc]

B. Documents required for filling online application for Plotted Scheme:

All the documents listed above excepting following:

  • Approved Building plan drawing
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Project Status Document
  • Structural Stability Certificate

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